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Computer Control in KS2         Lego MindStorms RoverBot






Short focussed Tasks 2 - Inputting commands

BlackCat logo Green level

In the Yellow level the turtle moves by a preset amount, while the Green level is built around a command window  and a more advanced keypad on the left of the screen (similar to Valiant Roamer). 

Children could start by drawing basic shapes. They need to consider the start position of the turtle, which as in the Yellow level can be moved by clicking and dragging. In the Green level a position command will automatically be entered into the command window, such as setpos[ -219 -47 ].


Teacher tips

The command window can be extended by dragging its top bar up the screen.

To input commands faster, abbreviate as follows:

Forward fd

Backwards bk

Right rt

Left lt



Use this command to wipe the screen and reset the turtle to the default position




Drag the turtle to the left of the screen and note down the set position (setpos) coordinates.  Starting from the same starting point, using different line thickness and colours, draw one square and two rectangles.

bulletCan you spot what is wrong with the code in this example?

Welcome to the BlackCat Logo Command Window

? setpos[ -208 -139 ]

? setpenwidth 4

? setpencolour [255 0 0]

? fd 160

? rt 120

? fd 160

? rt 110

? fd 160