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IconLock was designed to some protection for users of MS Windows to prevent amongst other things the deletion or movement of icons and folders and it prevents unauthorised windows backdrops  and tampering in Control panel.  While not providing total security, it is more than adequate for the majority of Primary Schools. 

It is designed to work in Win '98/98/Me and surprisingly NT4. I have also tested the software in Win XP and although technically not supported, it appears to works OK. Please note the suggestions below when configuring in XP. If using at school, I would  strongly advise installation and setup on ONE system (known as the dirty system in industry).  Run for at least a week on test, and if no issues arise, roll the software out to other systems.

Installing IconLock

To install IconLock, click the link below and the software will unzip the setup files to a temporary directory. Run the Setup.exe file and the software will install into the Programs folder. After installation, the system will prompt you to restart your system. To uninstall IconLock, use the Add/Remove Programs applet in Control Panel, or use the Uninstall option on IconLock's menu. You may not uninstall IconLock while the Desktop is locked.


Click this link to download the ICONLOCK zip file to your system

Please note

You may need to download  the Shareware version of WinZip to extract the files from this program.  Click the following link.


Configuring the software

When installed the software automatically locks various parts of the desktop (see screenshot opposite), so these need setting according to your needs.


Click the right mouse button over the Desktop and select IconLock from the bottom of the menu. The software will request a password and then the dialogue window opens as opposite.


Check or uncheck the options to set the security required. In Win XP, I would strongly advise unchecking:

Lock Explorer

Lock taskbar

Lock common dialogues

otherwise the system will feel very restrictive.


Please let me know, if you find the software useful.